Thursday, 4 June 2015

Eight ways to a brighter morning

I always find that a free morning does me the world of good, especially when I'm alone. It's so easy to wake up, shuffle downstairs in your pj's, grab whatever food is quick and sit on the couch til early afternoon watching the same episodes of Friends for the 834985th time on Comedy Central.
I absolutely love time with my family or boyfriend but sometimes you find you're left with so much to do at the end of the day if you don't take a couple of hours to yourself. 

1. Open your curtains and windows!
Let all the light and fresh air into your room! This is lovely to do on a sunny day, some people may feel miserable if it's raining and cold. Personally, I love the rainy smells and it still makes me just as happy! Take a few minutes to make your bed and tidy around your room while you're standing in the fresh air, you'll feel brighter and you'll have a lovely clean bedroom for the day ahead.

2. Shower!
I know a lot of people that just like to shower before bed. Each to their own, but usually I'd have a shower before and after I sleep. It feels as though you have a fresh start to the day if you're all lovely and clean of a morning! Plus, if you have a shower gel you just love the smell of = instant mood boost.

3. Have a high energy breakfast.
My favourite time is breakfast when I'm abroad. You just feel so excited for the day ahead and usually have a buffet of lovely things to pick from which is always fabulous. I love trying to replicate that feeling at home, just because it makes me so happy. I could sit and eat English Breakfasts like I'm competing in Man v Food, but I also love to have a healthy start. Don't feel like you have to stick to "breakfast" type food as for most people a lot of the time that involves toast, cereal, sausage, eggs etc. This morning I had (one one plate) smoked salmon, avocado, grapes and scrambled egg white. Having a much lighter breakfast is so much better for a productive day, in my opinion.

4. Exercise!
Hands up who saw this one coming...
Go for a walk in the morning sun, run, dance, do yoga, go swimming, do the housework, garden, go the gym if you have access. Don't forget your water! If you're like me and get yourself really motivated to start eating well and exercising then you're asked if you want cake and eat the entire thing... that's not too good. By exercising in the morning, I enter a really good mindset for the day. If I wanted to eat a lot of rubbish and I'd not yet exercised, I'd probably do it thinking "I'll work it off later". If I do it in the morning, I will know I've worked hard for that day and I'll be more likely to stick to it. 
(You might want to take that shower now, instead.)

5. Skincare.
Looking after your skin is so important, but easy to forget about if you're not used to it. Get yourself into a routine by using your favourite cleanser, toner, moisturiser, serums, scrubs.. Whatever you like to use. If you have nothing to do, go a day without it makeup. There is nothing better for your skin than no makeup. Having a fresh face is amazing for your skin and gives it a chance to breathe. Once you're in this routine, it's really hard to break, which your skin will thank you for.

6. Write a list.
I am obsessed with lists. I'm not a Monica Geller or anything, I just love being able to do everything I need to quickly. Writing one in the morning lets you see your upcoming day. If you have nothing you need to do that day, you could write things you'd like to make, buy or things you want to achieve. Seeing your goals written down can really motivate you to get things done and not waste a day.
Little tip: if it takes less than two minutes to do, just do it straight away.

7. Read/Watch/Do something that makes you happy.
Draw, read a book, write, blog, vlog. When I have a cup of tea or breakfast in the morning. Nothing makes me happier than going on YouTube and watching Orlando Florida theme park walkthroughs or vlogs. (We're going in under a hundred sleeps, can't wait!) Obviously when you're alone, there's no fight for the remote or laptop, so you get to do something that you love. 

8. Take a minute.
Sit in your garden or at your open window and just look up at the sky. 
Look at the trees or buildings around and appreciate the day, sounds and smells.
If you're worried about anything, sometimes literally looking at the "bigger picture" really helps.

I hope you all have a lovely day! 

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