Monday, 14 September 2015

Orlando Day 3 - Islands of Adventure

Today didn't really turn out like we had planned, thanks to the weather...
We woke up and had a little Lucky Charms breakfast with cartoons (and fluffy socks) as we were going to Islands of Adventure properly.  

Weather was already cloudy even before we left the house. We got to Islands of Aventure for about half nine and only got on Spiderman and Doctor Doom before it literally bucketed down for about four hours. The Hulk was closed (for refurbishment til 2016) so we didn't get to go on that, we sat in the Marvel part of the park for a few hours and had some lunch as there wasn't much else we could do; the Spiderman ride queue was out the door because of the rain and because it was the only indoor ride in that section.

The Spiderman ride has been one of my favourites since I was little, it's so well made and just seems to be better every time I go even though I don't think they've ever changed it other than that once a good few years ago now. Matty absolutely loved it and I think we've agreed that our favourite type of ride is the little mini adventure ones. 

 We got one of these smokes turkey legs each for lunch. They were giant, I'd definitely share one next time. Plus you're going to need about ten bottles of water for afterwards as they're super salty. I started to get all headachey after this which brought the day down as well as the rain. It's like a tradition for me to get a migraine near the start of the holiday and have to go home. Such fun. 

 We decided to get some ponchos because it was raining that heavily and sheltering in air conditioned shops that we were freezing, so we bought them and went on the Bilge Rat Barges and Ripsaw Falls which was pretty fun as we were already soaking.  

I really wasn't well so we ended up leaving it there for the day as the weather wasn't showing any signs of brightening up so after a few hours sleep, we went over to McDonalds and I finally felt better. Philly Cheese Steaks are amazing! So I need American junk food every time I'm sick, that sounds fair.

Not much of a hectic day but we'll definitely be going back to Islands of Adventure!

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