Friday, 9 October 2015

Orlando Day 4 - Animal Kingdom

I was sooo excited to go to Animal Kingdom, it's one of my favourite Disney Parks.. even though I don't like zoos... not too sure how that works! I think I just love its rides and the fact my Mum and Dad bought me a beautiful Ariel mirror and brush set from there when I was eight.

We got there pretty early and it was our first day of actual "Florida" weather. It was so sunny and lovely! As soon as we got there I bought my first ever pair of Minnie Mouse ears. I've wanted them for YEARS so even though my Mum and Dad nearly disowned me, I was determined to wear them to every Disney park.

The little fairground with Primeval Whirl was shut which I was gutted about as it reminds me of my sister as we loved to go on it together, however.. silver lining was that the Dinosaur ride probably had a ten minute wait time in total and that was including the video before the ride. This was mine and Mattys favourite and we probably went on about seven times, we loved it so much! It's a ride where you sit in a car which gets sent back in time and you have to bring a Dinosaur back from the past with you. To say its a childrens ride, its so fast and exciting, its in the dark with different Dinosaurs, meteor showers and getting chased by bad Dinosaurs. It really throws you around and its honestly a lot better than most rides aimed at older people.

Another thing I love about Animal Kingdom (and most of the parks in Florida) is the fact that most queues have so much effort put into them. This is the queue for another one of our Animal Kingdom favourites, Expedition Everest, a rollercoaster where you go up into a mountain where a scary Yeti lives. In the queues, there's things like this outside then once you get inside the building to get onto the ride, there's explorers tools, findings etc as though you're inside an explorers cabin before it goes into a kind of museum about the legend of the Yeti. Plenty to look at in a long queue. There's also an amazing view as you're going up the mountain once you're on the ride...

This is such an amazing rollercoaster! As the park was closing, we got to go on it about six times in a row as everyone had gone home. I would advise people to definitely stay til last minute to get their last goes on rides, people tend to leave expecting a rush once it hits closing time, but because of this, there's usually barely anyone left in the park once closing time comes around. Plus with Disney parks that don't have anything for the night time planned, most families with children leave to get them back early.

The other lovely thing about Animal Kingdom is the real safari that you get to drive around. You can see Lions, Hippos, Zebras, Giraffes and loads more. As I said earlier, I'm not one for zoos but for people who love them they would be so happy. There's also a few other places to see tigers and gorillas up close, we did see baby gorillas fighting each other which was really cute.

As well as the rides I've mentioned, there's rapids which literally SOAK you, you might as well just swim. But they're so much fun! The Bugs Life 3D thing is really cute too, scary for little kids though. I remember screaming and trying to run out the first time I went.. it involves black widows coming down from the ceiling. I thought I'd be eaten. There's also loads of stuff for kids where they collect stamps in a booklet for each area of the park they visit and when they see particular animals. There's also experts by each set of animals ready to answer any questions which loads of kids were really taking advantage of which was pretty cute.

After Animal Kingdom, we were really in the mood to go on more rides so we headed over to Disney's Hollywood Studios... we returned the next day so I'll save that for tomorrows blog.

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