Friday, 9 October 2015

Orlando Day 5 - Disney's Hollywood Studios

Yayyy! Hollywood Studios! Or MGM as I still call it. Tower of Terror, Rock n Rollercoaster, Star Wars, The Muppets etc.

MGM (It's shorter to type, you know where we are already) is probably the smallest Disney park in my opinion. It's decorated so beautifully and there are some amazing shops there too! I think we pretty much ran straight to the Tower of Terror, we were so excited to go on it and it seems to have changed since last time I visited the park a few years ago, only because of the way it bounces you. I read somewhere that they are randomised now so you never know how many times you're going to fall or spring back up. I'm unsure if I've made it up that it's a recent change, if you know, let me know!

After that, we headed straight to Aerosmiths Rock n Rollercoaster, which again seemed better than last time. It seemed like it had been extended slightly, it was a really good ride. The queue was really big so we went on single riders and ended up together, which is like the greatest thing ever when you've cut an 80 minute queue.

There was a Frozen sing-a-long on there too which we didn't go to. But still time to get pictures with Elsa posters.

For lunch, we had to go to Pizza Planet which is pretty cool. Me and Matty sulked a bit cause they didn't have the robots outside the doors to let you in.. but I don't suppose many kids would be okay with that. The pizza there was amazing! I'd been craving pizza for days but this was so worth the wait.

We split off from my Mum and Dad for a bit, and decided to visit the Pixar part, where we went on the Toy Story ride. It's a spinning "shooting ride". You compete with your partner to shoot things on a screen. I loved the part where you got onto the ride as the room is painted like Andys room which was really cute. It was full of people waiting to get on so unfortunately was impossible to get a picture of. The part before that is full of giant toy blocks, games, cards, monkey links and a talking Mr Potato Head which I think tells jokes.

We got onto the Star Wars part.. Matty had a huge nerd out on the simulator and I had to drag him away from the "build your own lightsaber" part by constantly reminding him we had to fly home.
Oh yeah, Matty got a Goofy hat today too.

There's a lot more things you can do and see at Disneys Hollywood studios, although it's not "ride heavy" there's a car stunt show, an Indiana Jones .. people stunt show, the Muppets 3D and probably the most underrated ride "The Great Movie Ride". This ride is really old but it's so chilled. You literally slowly drive through different classical movie scenes like The Wizard of Oz, Alien and movies based on old Gangster films. Your tourguide interacts with the anamatronics and it's just a really nice little ride that I really love.

The shops sell pretty much everything. Most of them are Frozen and Beauty and the Beast heavy because of the shows there but you can buy things from most Disney films there. Only the popular ones though, no Hunchback of Notre Dame or Robin Hood stuff etc :(

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