Friday, 22 January 2016

Keeping Well Over Winter!

So I'm writing this after a night of eating manuka honey with a spoon like it was nutella and currently sniffling on the couch feeling sorry for myself, but this has been my first cold in about four months since I've been trying out all of these things. Plus, in England it's been SO warm this winter, but it's starting to get much colder! Some are obvious, some are strange... happy chilly times!


This is an obvious one, you need to build up an immune system for the cold weather and everybodys colds going around! Vitamins help do this, they can be bought in most places as tablets or capsules and in foods!
Echinacea, Vitamin C and Zinc are the best.

Hot Drinks!
Green tea, honey and lemon or just a hot chocolate will help you feel warm and fuzzy!
My favourite drink for getting better is manuka honey, lemon with hot water with some cayenne pepper sprinkled on top!
Ribena also have a winter spice hot drink which is limited edition but it's amazing! It's also fabulous with cayenne pepper again!

Healthy Eating!
Feed a cold.. but healthily. Eating lots of foods containing Vitamin C (Oranges, Broccoli, Blueberries, Strawberries, Brussel Sprouts) or Zinc (Spinach, Egg Yolk, Salmon, Pumpkin Seeds) help boost your immunity and fight off your sniffles...In a way, this comes under vitamins. Chicken soup is also amazing, even better if you can make it homemade with lots of veg!

So sometimes you can be really busy - if you get a cold on a Monday and you have an entire week ahead of school/university/work then you're sitting through being sick for a week. I would always rather take a day to literally hibernate and just sleep. Get some blankets and throw Netflix on. By having at least a day of complete rest, you'll have built enough rest up to properly get through the week - not just awake-sleeping.

Run yourself a massive bubble bath or have a shower for a good half an hour! If you have a face steamer, even better - I have the Champneys face steamer which comes with a nasal attachment or a facial attachment - I use the nasal attachment and put a sprinkle of either menthol salts in the water or some tiger balm in the water. You only need the teeniest bit!

I know dry skin isn't exactly a cold, but do "up" your moisturiser at least once a week - I sometimes use bio oil or E45 cream on my face during winter. Don't forget, moisturising means lips, too!

These all work for me, I hope I help someone! xx

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  1. i like it,tips on point all we need this coming winter :)